Hyperlocal SEO Strategy for Your Cannabis Dispensary

Hyperlocal SEO Strategy for Your Cannabis Dispensary

If you want your cannabis dispensary to garner long-term success, having a strong online presence is essential. Along with having a well-designed website, you’ll also need to perform various SEO and marketing techniques to make sure your website is visible and brings in ample amounts of traffic. One form of marketing that can be invaluable for your cannabis dispensary is hyperlocal marketing, which is designed specifically to increase visibility for companies that want to market to local customers.

What Does Hyperlocal SEO Entail?

The purpose of hyperlocal marketing is to target potential customers who live in a specific geographic location. If your cannabis dispensary mainly serves customers in the city you’re located in, your hyperlocal marketing efforts should be focused entirely on this city.

Let’s say that an individual wants to purchase some cannabis and enters the phrase “dispensaries near me” into the Google or Bing search engine. The search results will provide them with the dispensaries that are closest to their location. However, only businesses that have performed hyperlocal marketing will appear at the top of these search results.

When performed correctly, a hyperlocal marketing strategy can increase foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store while also boosting traffic to your website. Hyperlocal strategies are built on a range of different marketing techniques, which include creating a comprehensive listing on Google My Business, using local awareness ads on Facebook, crafting localized blogs, and optimizing on-page content for local users. All of these techniques signal to Google that your cannabis dispensary is situated in your local service area, which should result in better search rankings.

Benefits of Creating a Hyperlocal SEO Strategy

The most notable benefit of creating a hyperlocal SEO strategy for your cannabis dispensary is that this strategy is highly cost-effective. Since the marketing is local, you’ll only be tasked with spending a small portion of your budget to target a population that’s well-defined. While implementing this strategy, you won’t waste a considerable amount of your marketing budget on customers who wouldn’t visit or order from your dispensary in the first place.

Since your marketing efforts will be targeted toward people who are already searching for a cannabis dispensary, this form of marketing has a high ROI. When a potential customer searches for a “cannabis dispensary near me”, they are almost certainly ready to buy, which makes it far easier for you to convert these users into paying customers.

Optimizing your website and business for local search results is also much more affordable than other optimization techniques. Another benefit of implementing a hyperlocal marketing strategy is that these campaigns are easy to manage. A large marketing team isn’t necessary to track performance metrics from your campaign. All of your marketing will be centered around a local market segment that’s situated in a restricted location, which should make campaign management much more straightforward.

Creating a Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy

If you want to be certain that your cannabis dispensary is visible to local customers, it’s essential that you use the right hyperlocal marketing techniques. For instance, let’s say you’re using Google Ads in your campaign. Google Ads gives you the tools you need to customize the target location for your ads, which ensures that you don’t waste valuable resources.

Navigate to the “Settings” and “Advanced Search” areas in your Google Ads account. From here, you’ll be able to set the location and radius that your campaign will focus on. When setting the radius, make sure that your physical store is the center of the campaign. Keep in mind that your target location needs to be paired with the right keywords if you want users to actually see your ads.

Hyperlocal marketing is an effective marketing technique that many businesses overlook. When you run a brick-and-mortar dispensary, walk-in business can be the difference between success and failure, which is why enhancing your hyperlocal marketing campaign is necessary to reach the right local audience.