Cannabis Delivery Software, 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Dispensary / Cannabis Delivery Software, 5 Reasons Why You Need It

If you’ve been working on growing your dispensary business by improving your online presence and completing strong marketing campaigns, you may start to experience high eCommerce sales alongside increased business at your brick-and-mortar dispensary. While every business wants to become more successful, not all businesses are equipped to handle the logistics of this success.

The tools you’ve used for small amounts of deliveries may not accommodate larger delivery operations, which is where cannabis delivery software comes in. Using software can save you both time and money while making sure that orders are delivered on schedule. The following details five of the top reasons why you should use delivery software to bolster your dispensary.

What Is Cannabis Delivery Software?

Cannabis delivery management software can help you organize every step that occurs in the process of delivering a package. Once this software has been implemented into your operations, you’ll be able to process payments, orders, tracking, and routes to ensure that everything is in order. Making your deliveries more efficient also means that you can focus more on customer satisfaction, which is necessary if you want customers to return and purchase more products.

Reasons Why You Should Use Cannabis Delivery Software

There are many reasons why your business can benefit from utilizing cannabis delivery software, the following of which details five of these reasons.

Adds to Customer Convenience

By making use of an online delivery hub for your dispensary, it will be more convenient for customers to purchase cannabis from your store. For instance, your customers will be able to use their smartphone or desktop computer to make an online order, after which the package can be tracked until it has been delivered.

The top cannabis delivery software platforms allow websites to provide customers with real-time delivery maps that update as the package gets closer to being delivered. The software will also send back real-time logistics information that can be used to update delivery routes.

Creates an Integrated Sales Hub

Likely the most obvious reason to use cannabis delivery software is because it provides you with an integrated sales hub that combines marketing, sales, reporting, and operations into a single eCommerce platform. This platform is able to deliver real-time updates that can be invaluable for your operations. Being able to manage every factor of your deliveries on one system allows you to more readily plan deliveries and make important decisions. Order tracking features should also be included in the software you select.

Offers Advanced Real-time Delivery Features

Another clear benefit of using cannabis delivery software is that the logistics of delivery operations should be simplified by a considerable amount. The inclusion of real-time delivery features in the software gives you the ability to predict delivery times, track all of your delivery vehicles, keep drivers accountable for any missed deliveries, and send progress reports as needed.

Routes can also be optimized in real-time with the use of GPS data, which simplifies the mapping process and allows your drivers to avoid wasting time using actual maps to find the ideal routes.

Allows You to Deliver More Efficiently

As touched upon previously, cannabis delivery software allows you to quickly identify the shortest route to a customer, which means that your drivers will have more time to deliver a higher number of orders. By selecting the right software, you can upload an extensive list of addresses to the software in a matter of minutes, which allows driving directions to be automatically optimized. Keep in mind that delivering packages more efficiently should boost customer satisfaction and increase the amount of return business you receive.

Helps You Scale Your Business

Let’s say that your dispensary is small and you currently have just one driver for your deliveries. If you want to hire two additional drivers or expand to a new location, cannabis delivery software can accommodate these changes without issue. Many delivery software platforms allow users to optimize hundreds of stops every day.

Regardless of the size of your dispensary, cannabis delivery software can help your operations become more efficient and productive. Higher productivity among delivery drivers and managers should result in increased sales, higher revenues, and more profits.